21 Day Yoga Program – Day 1

Today’s Sequence: Day 1 

Fun Flow Practice with Elise Lorimer
45 minutes

Welcome to the 21-Day Yoga Challenge! In this daily newsletter, you’ll find a link to each day’s instructional video; a tip to help your practice; and a delicious, healthy recipe. You’ll also find a link to the Challenge website, where you can listen to meditation and pranayama (yogic breathing) exercises, plus lessons on yoga philosophy. You’ll also find information about the Challenge yoga teachers and a community chat page, where you can blog about your experience.

For the opening sequence of the Challenge, we invite you to rethink the way you use your yoga mat. Vinyasa flow teacher Elise Lorimer presents a dynamic and fun Mandala (circular) Namaskar sequence that will have you traveling around your mat and enlivening your entire body. Through this fluid sequence, which has you ground deeply into the legs and awaken your upper body, you’ll tap into your vital life energy (prana) and let it flow. Play, have fun, and welcome to the 21-Day Yoga Challenge!



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