I AM – Jean Guy Martin




I Am


‘’I am’’ is a nice affirmation;

‘’Be’’ is a nice proposition.


Being is all about living the moment,

Being is living instantaneously,

And that means, not being in the future nor the past.


Even in the blink of an eye

Without any interference from our intellect

We are far away from Shakespeare’s question

To be or not to be ?


How can someone conscious ask himself that

It will only lead him to reflections and thinking

And useless philosophical mindgames ?


As soon as we are thinking,

we are only reflecting creative energy.

Because we are looking at a reflection of that energy,

So it can only be deformed and colored,

The light is creative and the human is a creator.


The light is instant knowing,

Knowing is not thinkable,

Knowledge is in the past,

Because it’s already known.


Live the moment;

Know what you have to know,

when you need to know it.


Being our own light,

It all lies within ourselves;


Act, create,

give movement to that energy,

That is creativity !


Jean-Guy Martin



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