Kay Salady



From the Hollow of a Tree


The scent of earth and moss beckoned me therein

To wander into darkness and savor once again

The coolness of the branches waiting there for me

As I peered out the window from the hollow of a tree

Beneath my feet were layers of tiny leaves and rocks

The old decay of sweet spring days amid the hollyhocks

As summer’s breeze sang to me high up in the dell

The glittering of the sunlit trees cast a magic spell

Sending shivers up my spine causing me to wonder

If there were fairies in the wood that I was standing under

Perhaps they knew the secrets of a hundred passers-by

And if I heard their whispers they might just tell me why

True love’s a fleeting fancy for women such as me

Who dare to ask such questions from the hollow of a tree

©Kay Salady

A Tear Drop Fell

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