Overcoming Negative Energy

Overcoming Negative Energy



By Barbara L. Nelson


The awakening process for many of us has been going on for several years. We’ve noticed the changes in our spiritual life as well as physical life. This year the Ascension energy is increasing and I believe our physical, spiritual and mental bodies are transforming to prepare us for a new earth.  Many believe these energies will reach a critical crescendo in December 2012.


The incoming energies will affect us in several ways. In my own life, to prepare myself for change, I’ve gone through a releasing process for more than two years. To hear more about this process, go to Newlightbody.com. I have also become increasingly empathic and intuitive. My dreams have become more symbolic and prophetic as well. These gifts of the Ascension process, if we aren’t conscious of it can also affect us in negative ways. If we are more receptive to energy, it makes sense that we are also sensitive to all energies both negative and positive.


With the recent disasters around the world and global conflicts, many of us whose intuitive gifts are increasing began to feel depressed. This week I was very down and I really couldn’t identify a situation in my own life that had changed to justify these feelings. I started reading energy reports from several sources including, Lightworkers.org. and Spiritlibrary.com, which made several recommendations.


I immediately stopped watching the news, which had my attention for days after the tsunami hit Japan. I was glued to CNN when coalition forces attacked Libya. It’s no wonder I was feeling depressed.


To counter the negative affects that I was being bombarded with, I listened to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Medicine CD to clear my chakras and realign my energy. I also highly recommend Louis Hay’s 101 Power Thoughts, which I’ve been listening to for years.


If you are feeling the affects of the recent global events or possibly the negative energy of other’s in your life, you should regularly clear yourself by performing energy cleansing techniques. There are several guided meditations via the Internet. Another great way to clear unwanted energy is bathing in sea salt. Here’s one site that details the benefits.

Herbs and Salt Baths


If you are an energy worker, it is understandable that you will take on the energy of others on a regular basis. Many energy workers surround themselves with white light to prevent much of the energy from coming in and routinely clear themselves after sessions.


Even if you aren’t per se an energy worker, but are awaking non-the-less, negative people will have a greater affect on you now. As your energy level increases (vibration), the effects of other people’s energy also intensify. You may find that you cannot be around people who constantly complain or dwell on negative subjects. This is normal. In fact, you can expect that many people will eventually leave your life. I found the old saying “misery loves company” to be very fitting in my own life. When you don’t want to commiserate with people, they will stop coming around. If you have to talk to them, remain conscious during the exchange and clear yourself afterwards.


As the Ascension process continues, so too will the increasing energy levels. It’s important to understand and remain conscious of how this energy will affect you. Some of the sites I have listed in this column will help you to do that.


Blessing and Light

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