The Day The Earth Sped Up

March 14, 2011 — The 8.9-magnitude quake — the fifth largest in recorded history — shaved about one-millionth of second off our day and tilted the planet’s axis by several inches. The shifting of tectonic plates beneath the Pacific Ocean opened up a crack about 250 miles long, causing a good portion of Earth’s crust to tumble inside.

About this photo: I have used this as my header on new website, Global Light Minds. We all know this day. The light sped across the world, it spread around the world…..This Day was a Wake Up Call Day. A day we will not forget. This light is a message to all of us. This message is to WAKE UP……and prepare ourselves with love, clarity, forward movement as we walk into a NEW WORLD. Love to All of You…..The Light is The Wisdom and The Love is Eternal.

Wendy Zake – 02/16/11

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