The Garden

Jean-Guy Martin is a Featured Writer in Poetry and Daily Inspiration.   His poetry has been well received by many.  He delights us with his imagination as he visually creates  a world of beauty and passion.

He is a welcomed friend and fellow poet  that I admire,  I am always inspired when I read his beautiful work.  I know you will enjoy is work as much as I do.









The Garden


Our planet is a giant garden,

Where the flowers are human

Blooming in every season.


Beautiful variety of flowers,

All sizes and different colors

Flourishing before one another.


Water transforms the seed we sow,

And the soils feed this sprout we know

As the sun warms and makes us grow.


So our mother earth fills our needs,

Look around and realise the deeds,

Feel her inside you as she breathes.


Macrocosmic garden,

Memories of a long lost Eden,

Microcosmic garden;

In each of us lies a secret heaven.


Inner flowers blossoming there,

Shades of light dancing everywhere.

Flowers of love in us growing,

In my garden I am the king.


And in my heart there lives a queen,

Most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen.

Seeds of love in me are sown,

Adelina, my heart you now own.


Jean-Guy Martin


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