The Gift











Keep us safe, Lord of the Universe,

may we find peace,

while opening our eyes with a different view.


To access your power,

to use it in your behalf,

to co-create with our higher power,

a new and better world.


All life unfolds with the meaning of spirit,

from pure possibility,

as the arc of life moves,

in our search.


The mystical journey is the realm,

of devotional awareness,

gaining spiritual power to endure.


In the space of our greater knowing,

we transit from spheres of hope,

through worldly despair,

ultimately to illumination.


The Gift of your Golden Light,

flows freely from Heaven to Earth,

Guiding each of us,

to rest in your power of love.


@Wendy L. Zake

Reno, NV

September 24, 2008

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