You Are the Creator of Your Life

You Are the Creator of Your Life

By Barbara L. Nelson


Whether you welcome it or not, there are new energies available to us. It is called the Ascension process. This process asks us to take more responsibility for our lives and to be more conscious of our own power. For me it meant letting go of worn out religious beliefs. Such as that we are separate from God or that God is the sole creator of our lives. These new energies help us to understand that we are responsible for creating everything that comes into our lives the good and the bad.

Those of us who are becoming more conscious in this new movement understand this. But everyday we run into unconscious beings, who instead of taking action in their lives, just complain. They let life happen to them.

I recently went through a total replacement of my right hip. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis a couple years ago and tried everything from Reiki to over-the-counter supplements. Unfortunately, I was born with hip dysphasia as was my sister, who underwent double hip replacement at 45, and there was no getting around the fact that the disease was progressing. At first I hesitated on having the surgery. However, I soon realized it was either hip replacement or face life in a wheelchair.

Last week as I was waiting for my appointment with my surgeon for my one-month checkup, I happened to sit next to a woman who was considering total knee replacement and was having a cortisone shot for immediate pain relief. She was around her mid 50s, probably a couple years older than me. I immediately noticed a distinct difference between us. The entire time she sat next to me, she complained. She had become a victim of her knee injury and was not conscious of her part in healing her body.

Unlike me, she was overweight, did not exercise, and confessed to eating junk food. She was also addicted to the pain medication and was in a pain management program.

Although, I was still in walker, I have been very proactive in my recovery. I did the exercises prescribed by the physical therapist religiously and was following doctors orders. I even cycled up to the day I went into surgery, because I knew being in shape would help with my recovery. I rarely eat junk food and have always maintained my weight and as well as a regular exercise regime. I believe being conscious means loving oneself enough to take care of your body. It also means being conscious of the words you speak as well as the actions you take.

I’ve been in a great deal of pain during the last year, but I knew at some point this pain would end and I would again resume a pain-free life. I mediated on a time after surgery where I was dancing and enjoying life again. I’ve had to be very pro-active in my own health, because I was without healthcare insurance for over a year. But I knew at some point life would take a turn for the better and it did.

I am not saying conscious people don’t suffer or are without struggle, but it’s how we deal with these struggles that determines the outcome. The world has to have duality. You cannot have light but for the darkness. How can one know joy, if they never know sadness? However, conscious people view struggle as a way to grow, a pathway to change or to a higher level of consciousness. When things get uncomfortable in one’s life whether it be a job loss or medical condition one must be conscious enough to ask “how did I contribute to this; or what can I do to change this situation and finally what can I learn from this situation?”

When we face life’s problems, remaining positive is paramount as well as doing daily positive affirmations. If you don’t feel comfortable in saying them at least listen to them. Also stop complaining. Sure complaining early on in a situation keys us into knowing something isn’t right in our lives, but after awhile it actually can make things worse, not better. Words have power. So speak about what you want more of in life, rather than what is wrong in your life.

Meditation is also a great way to change situations. Meditate on a goal whether it be good health or a new job. See and feel yourself in that new situation and then give it to God. I have always had a grand imagination and mediation has come easy to me. If it doesn’t for you, there are a myriad of guided meditation recordings available.

I also believe in positive prayer, which was new to me until about five years ago. After reading several new age authors like Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer, I realized begging God to help me was taking away my own power to change my life. After having taken a couple classes at a Science of the Mind spiritual center, I realized I didn’t know how to pray positively.

Ernest Holmes creator of Science of the Mind calls affirmative prayer “a treatment.” It begins with acknowledging God as the most high being and then yourself as a perfect creation of Him. Then you merely state in the treatment what you see as the answer to your prayers. You see the situation healed and whole. The treatment ends in a statement of gratitude. Quite different than falling to your knees and begging God to help you because you are in a pathetic state and unable to help yourself.

You also need to trust and be open to the guidance you get and act upon it. Believe that the thoughts and repetitive signs you receive are from the Divine. Trust that the Universe is conspiring to do good on your behalf. And lastly have faith that your partnership with God will bring positive change into your life.

Barbara L. Nelson has been a professional writer and journalist for 20 years.

She began her writing career as a newspaper reporter in Northern California and South Louisiana in the ’90s. After moving to Manhattan in 2002, she became a magazine editor, director of communications for an international real estate firm and an agency publicist. She is now living in the Southern US writing about spiritual topics that interest her.

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