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To Soar Like an Eagle, You Have To Leave the Nest

By Barbara L. Nelson


Once again, I find myself at a turning point in life. It’s never easy to make the first step even when we know we have little choice. It’s a fight between the comfortable known life we now live versus the unknown life that looms large ahead of us like a cold, dark chasm full of undiscovered possibilities both good and bad. But unless we take that first giant leap into the uncharted what-could-be zone, we will never see our dreams realized.


Struggling with my first step to start a new life in Austin, TX, I met a spiritual friend for lunch, who told me a poignant story. He said when a mother eagle knows its time for her babies to leave the nest the little eaglets have to be encouraged to go. Since the down-covered nest has been their home for their entire lives and food is given on a regular basis, they would rather remain with their mother. So day-by-day the mother feeds them less and less and gradually removes all the leaves and soft things in the nest. Now, only the sharper sticks remain and the eaglets begin to get hungry. She ignores their cries for food. Eventually the eaglets are uncomfortable enough and hungry enough to spread their beautiful wings, jump from the nest and fly away. The mother eagle has done her job.


He said sometimes, “Barbara, God makes us see we need to leave the situation we are in to grow further.” However, change is never easy. The first step is deciding it’s time. You’ll know that time when God starts removing the things you cling to for comfort. This could be a job or friends or a love relationship. God is telling us better awaits us out there, but if we stay where we are now, we will never realize it. Too often we can’t let go of the past, even though it isn’t feeding us emotionally or spiritually any longer.


So right now if you are going through things that are beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable or you are just plain bored and unhappy with your current circumstances, perhaps it’s the Divine urging you onward. You have to be bold and fearlessness to leave a known life for the unknown that looms large ahead you. Some us of never do, instead we complain and get depressed because life isn’t what we expected.


At this point, I find prayer and the enlistment of the Divine helpful. Ask and you shall receive. Sometimes all you need is a boost of courage knowing that something higher than yourself is guiding you, but you must also take action. Meditation helps to find the guidance you may need. But again you can get all the guidance available in heaven, but if you don’t follow it, nothing will happen. I believe many people, including myself at times, remain at this stage too long. We want to move on, but fear of failure holds us back.


However, we must venture out where synchronicity can find us. A job or the love of your life isn’t going to find you in your living room or in front of your computer for that matter. For me I start by telling everyone I know that I am looking for a job or an apartment or whatever. It may not be them that ultimately helps me, but it may be someone within their network of friends that does.


Is God nudging you onward? To me He is saying “Barbara it’s time to spread your wings for a whole new life awaits you in Austin, Texas.” So here’s to all those eaglets wanting to soar with the eagles. You can do it. You do have wings that will take you places you’ve only dreamed of up till now. You can plan for just so long. Eventually, you have to jump into the depths of the unknown trusting that your wings are strong enough to take you to your next destination where life can begin anew.

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