Barbara Nelson

Jesus, The Wayshower of Love

By Barbara L. Nelson
Who was Jesus and why did He come? The answer to that question is different for everyone. In some traditional religions, He was a Savior. To me, Jesus came not to save us, but to be a wayshower of God’s love.
As a child I used to watch and listen to my Grandmother pray the rosary. I knew it was a way that she felt closer to God, but I didn’t understand its meaning. I wasn’t raised Catholic like my mom. I wasn’t even raised in my father’s religion, Lutheran. My parents didn’t attend church, so they sent us to the neighborhood Presbyterian Church. One Christmas my sister played Mary, my brother Joseph and I played an Angel. Dressed all in white and staring down at the manger scene, I had no idea of the significance of this baby who changed the world. All I knew was that Jesus loved me.
After I got married to a Born Again Christian, I began to read the Bible and got “saved” myself. But in attending a Baptist church, I didn’t like the belief that those who aren’t “saved” go to hell. The Sunday messages were rarely uplifting, saying in some way or another how we are born sinners and will die sinners until we are “saved.” So I stopped going to church, which the church said was backsliding. So I backslid for awhile, but my heart cried out for understanding and God’s love.
I was finally introduced to new age spirituality that answered many of my burning questions about who Jesus was and who He wasn’t. So in mingling my traditional beliefs with those I formed from new age books, I believe Jesus Christ was a highly enlightened Being who was born and who died to show us the way to God‘s love.

In his birth and life, and death He showed us how to love one another, not to judge, how to heal and how to forgive. Many of Jesus’ messages was so blasphemous in His day that He was put to death for His beliefs. I often wonder, if He was born today if would He still be crucified. His message was not supportive of religion and I feel He wouldn’t be happy with today’s churches either. Religions that teach that their religion is right and others are wrong are not Christ like. Jesus didn’t teach this. I believe everyone seeks their own spiritual path and we are not to judge others for their spiritual beliefs.

God and Jesus are complete love. They love us unconditionally. No matter what we do, God doesn’t turn his back on us. He doesn’t get mad, get even or hold grudges. God doesn’t say “well you didn’t believe a certain way while on earth, so now you are damned for eternity.”

One of my favorite parables of Jesus is that of Prodigal son who asked his father for his inheritance, so he could live on his own. His father gives the son the money, while his other faithful son remains at home. The prodigal sons leaves and frivolously wastes his money. Broke and hungry, the prodigal son returns when there is a famine. His father welcomes him back with open arms and the other brother is furious at his father. He doesn’t understand how he could forgive him and welcome him back. In this parable, I believe the father is God and we are sons and daughter of God. No matter what we do, God loves us. He doesn’t judge us for our wrong doings. The only judgment is on this earth by other humans.

During his life, Jesus showed us how to lead with our hearts and not our egos. In fact, there are several depictions of Christ with his heart outside his body that is surrounded by light. Christ is pointing to his heart saying “this is the way.”

It is my belief that if you want a closer relationship with the Divine, Jesus is there for you. Night or day He will come to comfort you. Wherever you are in life, whatever is going on, Jesus can help. He doesn’t judge. He won’t condemn you. Through Jesus we have been taught that God is total love and acceptance. He is not a judgmental God to be feared. For who would want to go to God knowing He would not hear your prayers because you weren’t a particular religion or had done something so heinous that you were cast out of heaven.

Jesus’ last words on the cross were “Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Jesus’ birth, life and death showed us how much we are loved by God and there is nothing that can stand in the way of this love.

 Happy Easter Weekend to you all.  May peace and love reign on Earth!

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