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The Universe Knows Your True Desires

By Barbara L. Nelson


You cannot fool the Universe. It knows your heart and in your heart is your truth. In my own life, I found that no matter how much I prayed for something, God read my heart and answered my heart not my mouth.


Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship, only to find no matter how much you pray for the relationship to turn around, it eventually ends? Why is that? You may, at the time, have pled with God to save it, to make it better, but God reads your heart. Imprinted in your heart is your desire for a loving, nurturing relationship. God knows in your current relationship it can not be accomplished. God knows that if you don’t let go of those things that hurt you, you won’t find the things that will uplift you.


When you pray, you must release your prayer in faith that the Universe knows what’s best for you. In my lifetime, I realize that everything happens for a reason. Be it the ending of a job, a friendship or a love relationship.


Praying for spiritual enlightenment, you are going to go through a process to eliminate those things that are not spiritual, or things that keep you from a spiritual life. You are going to experience the “dark night of the soul,” which includes wandering in the desert without hope. One cannot know hope, if one does not know hopelessness. One cannot know love, if one does not know the absence of love. In the end of your journey out of the darkness, you will have grown closer to the Divine and the things that fill your life are now more aligned with your new spiritual desires.



I am not saying stop praying. I am saying when you pray sometimes you aren’t conscious of what your true desires are, but God does. If the Universe gave us our ego desires, we would all be living empty lives and the very things we desire would in the end, bring us unhappiness. God brings us the essence of our desires. If you want happiness, you may pray for millions of dollars. However, instead of winning the lottery, you might meet someone who helps you learn how to meditate, which helps you find a deep sense of peace and contentment that’s been missing in your life. In this contentment you are finally able to write that book you’ve been putting off, which eventually gets published, bringing you financial security and a true sense of accomplishment and joy.


In my own life last year, I was in dire need of a hip replacement and I had let my health insurance lapse. I prayed and was attempting to get medical assistance from the Veteran’s Affairs Department as well as the state of Louisiana. I prayed relentlessly for help from these two agencies. However, my true desire was to go to a private physician and have my surgery performed at the state-of-art surgery hospital recently built in town. I just didn’t think it was possible, so I continued to pursue the only route open to me at the time. Meanwhile, I came across an orthopedic surgeon’s office on my daily jaunts about town as well as the new surgical hospital, wishing I had insurance.


Well, after being unsuccessful in getting help from the VA and the state healthcare system, I found I was eligible for pre-existing health insurance through the HealthCare Reform Act. The insurance allowed me to choose my orthopedic surgeon and the hospital I wanted honored my in network PPO prices.


When I spotted the doctor’s office and the hospital last year, I told the Universe what I really wanted without even knowing it. Even my prayers of trying to get aid elsewhere didn’t prevent God from reading my true desire of having the best healthcare available. Even though I didn’t think it was possible at the time. God did!


Again I say your true desires cannot be hidden from the Universe. Every time you desire something that is the message to the Universe. In just living your life, you are sending messages to the Universe. For example, you walk by a café and see a loving couple in a passionate embrace and you say to yourself, “God I wish that was me.” But you get home that night and your significant other is stationed in front of the TV, hardly noticing you. Your true desires don’t match your life. The more you pray, the more things stay the same for what you want may not be available to you in that relationship.


So whatever is happening in your life now, trust that God does know what’s in your heart, even when you might not. Have faith that everything does happen for a reason, even when what we pray for doesn’t come to pass.


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