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The Power of Group Omnipresence
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  • It’s Time to Free the Prisoners      
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  The Power of Group OmnipresenceConsidering the state of world affairs and the specialized part that we play in the Divine Plan, there is nothing more important or more valuable in this moment than to know ourselves as Group Omnipresence. This is the state of knowing that we can be anywhere and everywhere through thought and feeling alone.The DNA codes of light are opening, propelling us forward to actualize the conscious experience as one Solar Body of God, pervading all life and all forms of consciousness. Everything is held within our Divine Presence.Herein lies the KEY to the mass liberation of all imprisoned life.

Christ Consciousness is a Group Harmonic

When we evaluate our life and delve deeply into this area called “spiritual initiation” especially concerning THIS particular embodiment, we eventually realize that our unique experiences have never ever been about the individual self. Our very important solo endurance has primarily to do with the necessary requirements to enter Group Mind in order to emancipate suffering and help the human race evolve.

In a grand synthesis process now occurring, our individuality, as we have lived it, is in rapid dissolution. As we come closer to actualizing Christ Consciousness, which is purely a group harmonic, less emphasis is placed on the need for acknowledgement as an individual self expression. We find that individuality is another illusion, a minuscule reflection of our inclusivity within another more expansive umbrella field of energy.
In essence, we are a conglomerate of the many monadic energies and aspects that comprise our family tree of life. Our personalities are not real. Our emotions, our minds, our bodies and our etheric natures are not real, merely instruments constantly changing. The only real, lasting substance is that part of our consciousness that pristinely vibrates to an all encompassing group tone.

It is to remember our origins from the stars and that we come from another timeline of no time… of eternal light. We do not have to strive to evolve. We are already evolved. We are pure and holy by our own true natures. It is to remember that we are part of a cosmic cast playing out our chosen roles in a grand play. Our script is to completely eradicate a karmic timeline so that no residue of negatively remains. We are preparing for the birth of a new star and its avatar race.

Our mission of being in a form which carries time coded programs within the DNA is a brilliant manifestation of the Divine Plan…to insure our return. We are here and now to cut the pathways of light to anchor a new timeline for the next civilization.

We Serve as a Body of God

As a Body of God, we constantly live within a coherent field of countless electronic particles in abundant supply in, through and all around us. We breathe them, feel them, think with them, radiate them. Through our every movement, we interact with and freely qualify (or re-qualify) these particles of self conscious intelligent light. 

We can also project ourselves to go anywhere to do this… into a nuclear reactor, a tectonic plate, a government meeting, into plots, ploys and manipulative thought forms of dense energy. We can merge with the consciousness of resistance and opposition… pulsing into these places the vibration of love and transformation.

We may draw forth as much radiation from Mother Father God that we need and require in order to fulfill our responsibilities in the Divine Plan. We have unlimited assistance and resources! Living light substance responds to every request that is made under the condition that these calls are made from acknowledgment of the Presence of God as the mighty Sustaining Grace of each and every fulfilling action.

To more quickly transform all planetary discord and unwanted potentials, we must develop in our feeling body absolute conviction that when invocation to God is called upon, this Omnipresent Power never ever fails to act.

Of ourselves, we do nothing,
it is the God within that doeth the works.


      It’s Time to Free the Prisoners
 maltese 50Beloved Light Servers, it is time be very brave and very bold. We are called to the front lines to help free all imprisoned life upon our sacred planet. Standing strong together from our one Body of God, it is time to go “nose to nose” into all resisting energies, directing the needed streams of sacred fire light and transmuting the imperfections.

The Mighty Liberators are called forth to help open all of the prisons of manipulation. Where two more more are gathered, there I AM. Form your groups and meet as often as you can. Energy will flow to answer and assist our every need. Let’s pledge more of our time and resources to Freedom’s Cause.

Where ever we focus our love and commands for peace, there will be our Group Avatar and the Omnipresent Power of God! Our sacred flame is Freedom and our symbol is the Maltese Cross. It is the Group Forcefield that is our almighty power of influence. Energize, empower and enliven this group Body of God. Call upon it anytime to be with you. 


      global vision 
Personal Ambition to Divine Aspiration   
When we are no longer following our personal ambitions, we become purely motivated through Divine Aspiration to selflessly serve without any need for recognition. Progressing towards a supreme synthesis of consciousness, unbounded by time and space, we leave behind all exoteric expressions and accomplishments. The ideas of ownership, titles, degrees, copyrights and proprietary holdings are clearly recognized as part of the divisive game.

This is the initiation now upon all Planetary Light Servers, and with it, another dramatic shift in resonance.

This new initiation is silent, steady and a very powerful integration set into motion through the one motivating impulse to serve humanity.  It is an assimilation of pure gnosis which supersedes rationale and reason through finely tuned sensitivity, intuition and the living of life through the higher mental faculties. It is the giving of all personal energy and resources to the Group Plan.

This initiation is a progression into a unified field of consciousness that carries out its greatest tasks from behind the scenes, with no individual names attached. We become part of an impenetrable group frequency that is supported through a vast yet unseen silent matrix of telepathic inter-relationship.

The mighty servers of light entering into this multi-cultured, non hierarchal group field are from all walks of life, cultural and economic strata. We breathe a life of harmlessness, constant meditation and desiring nothing for the individual self. Our primary role is to uphold the Omnipresent Power of the unfolding Divine Plan.


   The Planetary Grid Transmissions  fol ball gold

   New Moon ~ Tuesday ~ May 3

supported by: The Power of Omnipresence Group Activation

 This is the “The Power of Group Omnipresence” Activation for Planetary Light Servers taking place within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions.
The world’s “Planetary Light Servers” are now undergoing initiation in which very pivotal time-coded programs within the DNA are opening. These programs have to do with our remembrance as an omnipresent life force…. one Group Body of God…. pervading all life and all forms of consciousness. This transmission helps to activate this particular DNA code.



     Our Group Avatar
Remembering these Gifts from the Masters   

gold heart 50 

Following are the tremendous gifts that we, as a Group Body, have received  during our recent Group Forcefield activation. Together with so many amazing beings of light, we have unlimited support, responding to our every call!

Saint Germain

“As one now with my own electronic pattern, I gift to you the use of the Maltese Cross, my living symbol of God Power through which the Violet Transmuting Flame and its fiery rays of Love, Mercy and Forgiveness is activated. This symbol is now the Key Code of your Forcefield, giving your group activity unlimited alchemical support and the magnetization of the Sacred Fire to empower your every intention. Please impress this symbol everywhere during your action of service to transmute the record, core, cause and effect of all releasing planetary discord, to redeem our precious electrons and elemental life. 

In the name of the Father, the Mother and the Holy Spirit, the sacred Trinity giving birth to the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power within you, I consecrate your life to Freedom’s Cause. I consecrate your Children of the Sun Forcefield to be the Mighty Liberator of every child of God upon this Earth.”

Maha Chohan
“I AM the Maha Chohan…representing the Holy Spirit of God to your planet. I oversee the Elemental Kingdom and serve as the authority over all manifestations in nature. I plant the light of my heart into the heart of each of you, the Messengers of Light, who have come to seed the living flames of God’s love into your world. From this day forward, you shall serve, as twin flame of my Holy Spirit, in which to fulfill that fiery destiny.” 



     JOIN Our Group Avatar Gold Membership Here    

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  • New Communication Interface Opens
  • We are expanding our Geo Teams
  • Calling in Country Coordinators
  • Adding multi-language platforms
  • Greater member involvement 


In response to expanding levels of our group responsibility, new membership structure has been created to advance all dedicated members who are in active service with the Children of the Sun mission.

The Foundation moves all of its active members and team activity into a more specialized interface. This new streamlined  communication system is likened to a Command Post of the highest order from which we initiate and conduct our mission operations.

 Overview of New Structure

 1. A centralized “Communications Center” for all members in active service.

 2. A “Shrine” world mapping system to track requests for assistance around the world from our members, teams and groups.

 3. A weekly “Transfiguration Chamber” for personal ascension support to all members.

4. Healing, activation and soon to come member featured services 

 4. Expanded communications with dedicated, hands on staffing team. 

 5. Dues based membership to keep all in momentum.



   In Great Respect and Honor…            sai baba 


Sathya Sai Baba  
World Humanitarian, Teacher and Spiritual Leader 

Makes his transition on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011

There is only one caste, the caste of humanity.  

There is only one religion, the religion of Love.  

There is only one language, the language of the heart.  

There is only one God, He is Omnipresent.   


Sathya Sai Baba
His life was a remarkable story of love, compassion and extraordinary selfless humanitarian work for more than eight decades, bringing inspiration to the lives of millions in the world. Considered an Avatar of Omnipresence by many, we dedicate our new moon focus to his Presence of Light and Divine Works in the world.  
Following are a couple comments from those who walked with him…  

Sathya Sai Baba is very active and extremely dynamic in the world of men. He is not the withdrawn yogi, spending his time in meditation. He is essentially the doer, the one who joins battle with the dark forces that rise sharply against the power of light he brings…

Author and devotee Howard Murphet

To many around the world who have experienced him, Sri Sathya Sai Baba, is the living embodiment of such a force and spiritual descent, that unifies all the planes of existence, from the cosmic to the planetary and finally to the individual, guiding humankind to the next stage of evolution. Sathya Sai Baba’s illuminating light and selfless service has indeed reached out to and uplifted millions of people in the world.

Sathya Sai Baba, the Divine Alchemist

by Tina Sadhwani



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