Jean Guy Martin

Chains of Memories


Memories can be chains

Delaying our Ascension

Especially when they are loaded

With negative emotions


Some of these chains are light and easy to break

Some are heavier and a lot more resistant

Some are insidious and almost invisible

But still we have the power to free ourselves from them


We all have our personal and conscious memories

And some that are hidden deep down inside

It takes a lot of will and power to unveil those

And allow ourselves to begin individual ascension


There are also many other memories we have to deal with

Collective unconscious memories can also be chains

Family memories and traditions can be heavy

A lot of will and courage is needed to defy them

There’s countries, nations, tribes and races memories

Some have been fighting each other for centuries


Knowledge is not ‘’knowing’’ and can be put to test

Tear up the veils of unconsciousness

Be defiant towards all that is memory

Be your own judge, decide what is your reality

Free yourself from the past and memories

Stop carrying those negative weights

Enlightened yourself and fly higher

You are Love and Light, be it


@Jean-Guy Martin


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