Kay Salady – Await the Red Wing

Await the Red-wing

Blackbird’s lovely wings outspread

To catch the light with glimpse of red

Against a sky of azure blue

Beyond the clouds of white he flew

As if for me he came to please

These weary eyes on summer breeze

To grant a wish that I might see

A bit of hope ahead of me

Red-winged blackbird fly so high

With raven wing you soar a sky

That I alone in fear to follow

With gaze of awe and heart so hollow

Come back with flash of fiery wing

Alight on branch and make me sing

Fill this heart beside the lake

As I try to hold each breath I take

So still for you to come to me

As I await beneath this tree

So still for you to come and sing

As I await your offering

©Kay Salady

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