Poetry – Jean Guy Martin

Once upon a Earth


There was a man slowly wandering on a beach
With a tear running down his cheek
It was the same tear it seems
As when he walked in the woods, the day before
And the same as well, it seemed again
When looking at the sky that other day before
Sadly he fell asleep that night
In is dream he was surrounded by light

I am the spirit of the wise wolf
A voice said as four lights came forward
My forests are all cut down or burned
Man is destroying my world
Please, can you protect me
From unconscious humanity

I am the spirit of the friendly dolphin
We need help and protection
Sea creatures dying by millions
Deadly poisonous pollution
Destroying and killing our oceans
Please prevent us from extinction

I am the spirit of the mighty eagle
My air is getting so thin
My skies are turning grey
The sun is even burning my wings
Lead fills the fishes I’m eating
When will humans stop denying

I am the spirit of the legendary phoenix
I come to give you love, as a gift
No matter what happens as your world shifts
I will rise again from my ashes and still exist

For I am your light
For I burn inside you
For I am your Love
For I live within you

@2011 Jean-Guy Martin

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