Souvenirs – April 3rd

Souvenirs: April 3rd, 2011

We are all Divine Beings living on Earth.  We are here to help each other, to reach far and wide and to spread the message of love.  For each and everyone one of us there is a Divine Plan.  Our lives do have meaning; each of us serves a purpose.   The people we meet on our path, our journey we call our life, come to us at times of opportunity to grow.   When we look at the world and the people who live here, we see ourselves in each and every one.  We all share one thing….We have the love inside of us to share who we are.  Touch someone’s heart, give them your love and you will receive more than you could ever imagine.  Global Light Minds is my way of reaching out and giving to all of those who cross my path.


Two poems about One Moment in Time:


I had traveled down to Tehachapi, California, from my home in Tahoe.  I thought I was going to Africa, to Kenya to work for a Safari company.  My plans had changed and I found myself spending a few months living with a friend.   The car I was driving had this little problem.  To most people they would have found this to be quite annoying, because when the engine would get hot and I turned the car off, it would not start up again.  I would have to get help and a jump.  This happened often to me.  People would say, “Oh, it must be the starter, you need a new battery”.

At the time I didn’t have the money to buy a new starter or a new battery, so I continued to drive my car and periodically I would get stuck some place.    I would sit in my car and wait for a passerby to help me with a jump, to get my car started.  It became clear when this happened, that my guides were slowing me down. That there was something that I was either being protected from, like an accident or there was something I needed to see, or a person I needed to meet.  So when the car wouldn’t start, I would look for signs.

So, on this very hot afternoon in Tehachapi, after spending the afternoon listening to music in the park, my car wouldn’t start.  I sat there for a few minutes, thinking and looking around.  I saw a friend drive by; I wasn’t sure if he saw me, so I got out of my car and walked around to the back end and stood there for a while.  As I looked down I saw a Dragonfly, lying at my feet.  Its body was beautiful, its wings spread in flight.  I picked it up and put it safely in my car.  At that moment my friend drove up and helped to jump my car.  He also gave me a pair of jumper cables, which I didn’t have, but desperately needed.

We made plans to have dinner later.  I then wrote these two poems, both Memories and Souvenirs of very precious moments and how the Universe is always there to guide you where you need to be.



A Dragon Fly lay at my feet, a symbol of renewal,

Its perfect shape defined the moment of interrupted travel,

Its wings spread in flight.

A beautifully emblazoned jewel like body,

Observed as the Power of Light.

At every turn our intuitive eyes may feast upon nature,

that elevates us to higher ground,

transporting us to possible

transcendental perceptions.

Reflecting an idea of maturity as my own true colors come forth,

a form of mysticism, a power to reflect and refract light and color,

an illusion causing others only to see what I wish.

A translucent fabric spread across its wings in a criss cross web,

a scared geometry dancing in its veins.

A crystal moment of clarity and the complexity of interconnecting lives,

touching, intersecting in a predestined dimension of space.

A creature of the wind, it carries us with the slightest breeze,

a reminder to heed, and to follow where the winds blows,

An affirmative force, drawing together two worlds,

longing for joy, colliding the souls.

Inhabiting two realms one of water and the other of air,

sharing a blended balance, the reality of experience.

Life is too short, one must live to the fullest with what one has,

is the Dragonfly Prayer.

“Let there be Light” to utilize our creative imagination,

Life is never quite the way it appears,

they help us to see through illusions,

allowing our own light to shine and to find our own true vision.

They speak to us, of movement and of adaptability.

Completing a metamorphosis,

they transform from the water to the realm of air.

Much like ourselves as we pass from our early years

emotional and passionate,

To discover balance with greater mental clarity and control,

in our later years.

Dragonflies are given two pairs of wings,

but if need be, can fly with only one,

Like our souls adrift in solitude,

our yearnings and desire are held unwaveringly

once we learn to fly accompanied, as two.

They are the unseen help and message of our deeper thoughts,

as the Dragonfly comes into play,

observe as it skitters across the water,

close your eyes and focus on a your minds inner ocean.

See your thoughts float across the top of a smooth calm glass like surface,

sliding across the water, smooth and fast

and be mindful of the outcome we wish to have,

repeating in quiet to yourself.

This moment, I receive the gifts of The Dragonfly,

This moment, my Dragonfly, reveal to me, what I must see,

This moment, my Dragonfly, connects with me.

Wendy L. Zake

Tehachapi, Ca

June 22, 2008

A Shared Banquet with the Horizon In View

A magical still spot atop of a mountain,

we shared a banquet with the horizon in view.

Rugged boulders, the woodpeckers a pair silhouette,

we spoke laughingly while preparing the evenings menu.


Set among towering pines, rolling hills and the suns filled twilight,

we drank each other’s essence of separate lives, all the sweet offerings,

sharing our hearts secrets, in the pause before moonlight.


Tomatoes ripe from the vine, laughing, plump red, juicy

ambrosia from the earth, mixed in a salad

of cheese, olives, a red wine balsamic vinegar,

a loaf of toasted French baguette and a glass of white wine.


The soft hues remaining from the day, dispersed their energies,

casting long shadows, on an Amethyst Sunday,

while sharing our banquet with the horizon in view,

Opening to an idea that we believed could be true.


Looking out past our shared horizon, of past, present or maybe a future,

the sun slipped quietly out of our view.

As we sat sipping wine, we exposed our inner stirring,

revealing a longing be both knew.

Our shared banquet with the horizon in view.


The positive effect of emotional house cleaning,

sitting on top of a high cloud, a clear perspective on the situation below,

a fresh new point of view,

helps you to see the forest, instead of getting caught up

in the branches of each individual tree.


The stars in your eyes, milk a dreamy feeling,

giving you permission to drift in the clouds,

to fantasize about what you really want,

to simply unwind to make your wildest dreams come true.


So have faith to be yourself,

Remember that you’re a beautiful, sensitive, and loving soul,

who deserves to be treated as such.


Your dreams are coming true!

Sharing a Banquet with The Horizon in View.


Wendy L. Zake

Tehachapi, Ca

June 24, 2008




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  1. elizabeth says:

    I had a similar experience with a hummingbird once. Shared banquet suely was a nice place to visit. Thanks for sharing these 2 beauties.

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