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Suchi Kumar, JD, is an Intuitive Soul Purpose and Spiritual Empowerment Coach for conscious women (and some exceptional men) and the Author of the upcoming book THANK GOD IT’S MONDAY!™ Unleash your spiritual power and fulfill your soul purpose.

•Soul Purpose Unveiling
•Sacred forgiveness
•Deep self acceptance and empowerment
•Intuitive Guidance

She is the author of the ebook THE COLORS OF JOY™ 365 Daily Inspirational Messages to empower you to open the heart, expand your vision and fulfill your soul purpose.

She is the founder of Ecstatic Empowerment and creator of her signature system Thank God It’s Monday!™ Soul Purpose and Spiritual Empowerment Coaching and Coach Training Program.

Suchi guides and inspires conscious women to move through feelings of fear, doubt, unworthiness and unforgiveness to birth their sacred dream.



This is a time of great change in the world. Many people are getting laid off, losing their jobs or their financial security. I hear from people every day via email and phone calls how they feel frustrated, hopeless, miserable from needing to make a living and feeling directionless. They don’t want to go back to what they were doing, but aren’t connected with their true purpose. Those with jobs complain every day that their job is like a pair of shoes that is two sizes too small. And yet when they are offered a way out, very few ever take the risk to climb out of their self- imposed prison. An opportunity presents itself and they wonder if it will work for them, or if it is just a waste of time and money. Many times they choose to remain tightly in a bud rather than take a leap of faith. This is because of lack of confidence, self -acceptance and trust.

There are examples of this in nature everywhere. A fish swims around a small fish bowl for years and if you pour it into a bathtub, it keeps swimming around in that same small circle as if it were still in the fishbowl. Or when you remove an elephant’s leg chain and stake, the elephant will remain where it is believing it’s still chained to a stake. Similarly, people have an entire limitless universe of possibilities before them and can only see the past. They keep swimming around in the same small circles, not realizing they are the ocean. At some point, it may become too painful to hold your dream inside any longer. When this happens, you are ready to unveil and move toward your sacred dream.

When you are finally ready to fulfill your soul purpose, two things must be in place. Knowing your soul purpose and having a 100% commitment to do whatever it takes no matter what.

First, you need to unveil your soul purpose which will provide you with a foundation of grounding and passion that will help you through the inevitable bumps and slow times that present themselves. If you confuse your job with your purpose, such as “psychic” or “healer” or “coach” or “social worker”, it’s not enough to take you through tough times and stop you from quitting. Knowing your purpose is a foundation, like a rock, grounding you with a deep purpose, passion and sense of mission for why you do what you do. Your true purpose is a longing that cries out from your heart and your longing will pull you in the direction of completion.

When you add the unconditional commitment “I will do whatever it takes no matter what” to your true purpose, there is nothing in the universe that can stop you. Once I had truly committed to doing my purpose, things began to fall into place all by themselves. I remember when I said I had made a commitment to my purpose. I felt an inner shift and it brought a lot of confidence. I felt truly unstoppable. No matter what bumps come, there is this solid commitment that feels unbreakable like a thick steel chain link. Before that, I had a lot of reasons, or excuses about why I could not do my purpose.

Are you completely committed to doing your purpose? If you find excuses or hear yourself saying, “I would love to do my purpose, but ….” Whatever comes after the ‘but’, will keep you sitting on your butt, not moving forward with your purpose. These are excuses and reveal underlying fears and limiting beliefs. I call them “sacred dream stoppers”™. It’s thrilling to connect with your deepest heart and know your soul purpose after longing to discover it for years. It is equally important to address the sacred dream stoppers™, or there will be no forward movement toward your sacred dream. This is why 100% commitment is necessary. When paralyzing fears, doubts and feelings of unworthiness crop up, your commitment to your true soul purpose will see you through. When you are committed, you will take the necessary actions, ask for assistance when you need it and allow others to support you. Make this your year to make your ecstatic livelihood dreams a reality.

The Colors of Joy
Daily Inspirational Messages
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