The Soul Of The World


On the Eve of our Saviors nativity

I prayed in the Cave of Light,

surrendering my consciousness

to the will of God.


Seeking divine direction in my life,

to allow a stream of illumination,

to penetrate my heart,

with guidance on this journey.


I asked to receive purification,

to fulfill my cosmic purpose,

to the world, as his messenger,

according to the will of God.


Embraced in beloved arms, bathed in a halo of auras,

to drink of the light from a golden cup of the soul.

For this gold is only caught,

by those who make themselves

an empty vessel.


Unfolding as a lotus flower,

A spiritual rebirth, perceived intuitively

I AM, summoned to serve, to radiate

heavenly light to all, by an angel of glory.


In the light of the Lord’s Day

The brilliance of the sun,

blazed for only seconds in arctic light,

Upon my solitary alpestrine.


A flash of iridescence, a celestial sphere,

concealed a glowing disk.

Pulsating a magenta violet center,

surrounded in shimmering gold and emerald.


The source of illumination piercing my window,

burst in a spectrum of vivid colors

released in a rainbow, floating over me

a ethereal violet heart touching my mortal being.


A heavenly dragon,

a pearl below his chin,

Nagas, lay hidden, guarding the treasure;

Blessing mankind, in absolute colors.


Standing on the fragrant mountain,

a sound perceiver, hearing the cries,

of sentient beings, needing help,

he who looked down with blessings.


The heavens opened;

beholding a white horse

and he who sat on him.


The light creates tonalities,

The Heavenly Music of the Spheres,

eternally evolving,  produce harmonious sounds

only the truly inspired can hear,

Celestial Bodies collide,

in a moment of time.


To be Given the light and sound of God.

Buddha said, “Make yourself a light”

There are few words to describe.


Enlightenment appears as the light of Wisdom,

that awakens people into a newness of life

and causes them to be reborn,

into the World of Buddha.

The true Buddha cannot be embodied in a form,

or seen by human eyes.  Neither, can one know Buddha

by a faultless description of his attributes. It is not possible,

to describe his attributes in human words.

Though we speak of his form,

The Eternal Buddha has no set form.

He can manifest himself in any form.

Though we describe his attributes,

yet Eternal, has no set attributes,

he can manifest himself in any

and all excellent attributes.


Wrapped in arms, like a swaddled baby,

God appears to each of us,

in different ways.


Every time a rainbow emerges,

Remember, You are the rainbow,

You are the pot of gold.


He is revealed in light,

in a display so vast,

words cannot describe

his beauty.


He reaches you,

in a newborn, baby’s cry.


In a smile,

that makes you feel alive.


God is within


Gazing deeply into the eyes

of your true soul mate,

you realize yourself;

reflected back in fate.


Discovering a tiny bubble,

resting on a leaf,

reflecting light, shining through,

an epitome of your own splendor.


Blessed in an exceptional moment of time,

A glimpse of Shamballa,


A single drop of rain, shimmers in magnificence

The Soul of the World,

he is everywhere, in every moment,








“This is my Gift to You……”


@Wendy L. Zake

December 25th 2010

Sutton, AK

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