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Alaska Agricultural Experiment Station, better Known as The Experimental Farm, located on Trunk Road between Palmer and Wasilla  Alaska, a beautiful location , state that it is easy to grow under poor conditions and highest yield of good quality tomatoes the” hybrid varieties”   Don’t ask what your plants can do for you but what YOU can do for your plants.



MY Super boy Hybrid tomatoes are showing the first sign of growth, while your seedlings are starting and growing, it is very important to use NO fertilizer. While fertilizing is very important ” this is not the time” the tomatoes that you have started from seed are ready now to be exposed to a southern window, this method will help to free your tomato plants from disease and insects.




Planting your Seedlings

The tomato seeds grown in pots usually start growing sooner and produce ripe fruit earlier than started in flats, handling the tomato plants that are ready for a larger pot, 4 to 5 inches pot need to be handled with care.

Do not hold them by the stem, use a butter knife or spoon to get them out of there small pots and only touch the roots and leaves.

You need to have a routine of washing your hands with soap and water before handling young tomato plants. There is to be no one around or handling these plants after smoking! Also the day that you decide to transplant it is better that it be cloudy and have prepared your soil weeks before , the conditions are very important for proper development and proper growth      ” The Soil”     ” The Fertilizer”     ” The Ventilation”   ” The Water”

Soil is important but not as important as Ventilation , just having a front door on your greenhouse is not enough. Heavy or dry clay soils can be lightened  by peat moss or leaf mold and sharp sand and a lighter soil. Fertilizers for tomatoes are the same for cucumbers,8-32-,10-20-10 or 10-20-20 nitrogen,phosphorus, and potassium.

You should use fertilizer  when needed before watering.  You can get in touch with your District Agricultural Agent. Watch your plants, if they show signs of poor growth and if their leaves change to a lighter color, more fertilizer may be needed. The growth of the plants give the best answer as to when and how much to fertilizer.

When watering young plants in the green house, water around  them, not to the base of the plant, soak the soil, dig down into the soil once in a while to be sure you are getting the depth of your planter or raised boxed beds, called benches, while planting in beds, means into the ground, which is great for the tomato plants that will be tall, for the root system can grow much larger. Let leaves die off naturally, do not pick leaves. Remember make a schedule, watering need to be done almost daily and usually at the same time…..


From Our Garden to Yours…..   Happy Planting


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