A Test of Faith


A Fire in My Heart

A Test of Faith



As I walk across a thin and bending beam, to find a balance in my life.

One must take heart and have a faith that it will hold,

not bending under the weight of my heavy burden.


It is the great inner test, to trust my faith,

To listen to my inner voice,

To know that my beam will not break.


Only through letting go of the old,

Embracing what is new,

will your success be attained.


Embracing newness, we too frequently focus on the final destination,

without enjoying all the fascinating detours along the way.


Like the wild swan swimming towards the shore,

Now is the time to focus on Today,

for tomorrow will still come,

The shore is only the first part,

while heading towards the mountain peaks.


My heart grows weary in the dark,

it grows bright, as I reach for the light,

The suns rays show the way.


We are all interconnected, while we affect,

each other lives in different ways.


We all have the power to support one another,

to change and charm, as we explore,

the ways we become lovers and friends.


As we influence each other to find the joy,

in a blending force of commitment,

we become more powerful in a union of strength.


The agreement is a blessing, a divine inspiration,

to never be apart, with a fire in our hearts.


The wise person walks away from an unhealthy mind set,

and does not let inner struggles stop them,

from taking the next steps in their life.


As if thunder and lightening are you allies,

Just as a clap of thunder brings a jolt from the sky,

You will laugh amidst the chaos,

and eyes once closed will now see.


Union brings the success that you deserve,

reaching out to be a lover and a friend,

a test of faith, as you walk across the bending beam.


Eyes and arms wide open, you look for the higher purpose

in a journey shared and what life is teaching you,

as you come together, the veils of truth reveals,

It is the light inside and the knowledge

you can survive any darkness that lives outside.


With fire in your hearts and the test of faith

you walk across the beam and it does not break.


@Wendy Zake

May 28, 2008



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