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by Cherie Varah


The plants, as they are grow will have long stems with a round single leaf on each end.  It is normal for several to die off by turning a little yellow, go ahead and pick off with your finger nail or sharp scissors at the end closest to the main stem, new ones will grow in time…… but make sure you eat the editable parts now and even during your growing season. The leaves and even the stems I eat while walking around the house and browsing around in my yard.  The slight pepper flavor is not too strong. Make sure you give some type of support for the hanging Nasturtium.  While in the yard you can usually find small thin tree branches that have fallen during the winter, stick the long end into the plant and the few very thin branches become the support for your plants.

Nasturtium Plant Care


While your plants are starting to grow, you might see a leaf starting to turn yellow , now this plant is totally different, the leaves are to remain on the plant until completely expired, when touched, the leaf just falls off.  Most of my seedlings plants that I put on the window sills, every few days I will turn about a 1/4 of an inch to help the plant to stay strong and upright, some of my pots are small round one or small square one, a few are the foot long rectangle pots that I just switch around every few days. In the past week I have been taking my plants outside, by putting them on cookie sheets and setting them next to the house in the shade.

Today is a cloudy day and I spent a few hours transplanting some of my hardy plants and I will still continual take plants out to harden off. You do not have to do this every day and the time for the plants to be outside is just a few hours.

Tomato Plant Care

Here in Alaska, we have one week-end to plant outside, where the plants will stay for the remainder of the growing season. That will be Memorial Week-End and no sooner for my location, just five miles away down the mountain and a short decline they might be able to get away with it.

Right now my lawn already has a little green hue to it. The trees have just now started to bud. I will never again leave any of my plants outside or unprotected outside until the traditional Memorial three day week-end begins, this year on May 28th.

You can continually plant outside during the rest of the summer but it would be best to have most plants started for the fall season.  Often we have a rainy summer; my advice is to have a greenhouse. I will cover this next week.

The plants that I have been transplanting will be moved to a different location in the garage by a window and I will start over again with a new variety of seeds, this way I can do several more for the garden and follow with the companion planting, I hope that you have found some of these web sites helpful.

Time to acclimate from indoors to the great outdoors….

From our Garden to Yours……

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