June 25th

Step-By-Step Progress

You may feel stressed out, especially if you feel you’re not far enough along with your work. Perhaps you feel pressured to step it up a notch and get things done as quickly as possible. Allowing yourself to become stressed may slow you down and make it difficult for you to concentrate on what you are doing. If you feel the need to work more efficiently today, you could try pacing yourself. If you take your time, you might find that you work better when you are relaxed. Think about focusing your attention on each step of every task you see to, and be careful not to let the full scope of any project overwhelm you.

When we take our time when attending to each task, we find ourselves making progress toward our goals. Pacing ourselves allows us the time to perform our work well, as we give each step our undivided attention. As time passes, we can see how our thoroughness and attention to the smaller details is bringing us closer to the completion of our projects. Knowing that we’ve given our full attention to each part, it becomes easy for us to accept where we are in our work at day’s end. Take the time to focus completely on the tasks you need to attend to today, and you will feel calm and satisfied with the progress you make.

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