Kay Salady

Nature’s Arabesque

Sun settles down to rest at the end of a cloudy day
Dancing across the water she has so much more to say

The billowing clouds embrace her enveloping her glow
Yet beneath an open window her lovely prisms show

The silver horizon shimmers so far away from me
Forming a delineation between the sky and sea

The tiny sliver of a moon peeps out from where she hides
Little did she know that I would tuck her fast inside

Sea gulls cry in the distance as they rush to greet the shore
The waves washed in and scattered pretty purple shells galore

And as I watched the tides wash their tiny footprints clean
Amid the crest of waves a school of dolphin could be seen

As I stood at top of hill my feet upon the stone
Wind whipping at my shirt tail chilling to the bone

I dare not look away from this view so picturesque
To never reacquaint myself with nature’s arabesque

Painted on this blustery day with tints and hues of gray
Sparkling colors splashing here and there to light the way

For all the life that played a tune to beckon from the shore
And far beyond within the deep called out for me once more

I held the can within my hands of shells from the Pacific
Packed them in my treasure box this day was so terrific

With hesitation drove away from this place beyond my reach
And wondered if I would recall this spot upon the beach

©Kay Salady

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