Kay Salady – Words of Wisdom

Who will be sage? Is it the one who has found knowledge or the one who seeks it?

Renowned for profound wisdom, the sage seeks not his own, but mentors those who look for him in kingdoms where they roam far from familiar places. They toss away their stones leaving, unturned, beneath their feet an insight often spurned. What do you see in a far-off land that is not outside your door, and what can you find in worn-out clay; what are you searching for? Is enlightenment such a thing that isn’t close to home? Is reason far from where you are and how far must you roam to seek the understanding that’s right there where you stand. You’ve but to dig in your own soil to find your truth, my man. So sit in your own valley and stand upon your hill, pray for all the people and search far deeper, still, within the outer cosmos to meet with the Divine; it isn’t far from where you are, nor is it far from mine. Meet me by the ocean and wash me in the sand. As tiny drops of water, we’ll gather hand-in-hand to become something greater than mortal men can see. Yes, we will become sages . . .  the mentor, along with me.

©Kay Salady

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