The Voice of A Child

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The Voice of The Child

Within each and every one of us, there is a voiceless spark,

If you listen you will discover a wonder for life, as it speaks to you.

Celebrations of curiosity and creativeness is the voice you hear,

revealing a authentic interpreter becoming clear.


Spreading our well-nourished vessels of love and kindness,

We give, there is no equivalence to the bounty accepted.

Similar to a child upon hearing songs in the wind,

Bestowing exceptional significance to every moment we create.


Listen to the child,

Turning awareness to witness their delight,

While exploring the fascination of the world around us.


Receive their blessing, as they present you with their inquisitiveness.

Acquire their knowledge, as they teach you,

to be a child again,

observing innocence within.


Awakening your self through veiled eyes

Finding a compassionate aspect of yourself.

The Voice of the Child,

evident throughout are daily lives,

Unfold your heart to invite its blessing.


Dedicating life to your reflections, visions and realizations!

Stimulate your senses as if for the first time,

Thrill, tingle, inspired with intoxication

of the child you once knew!


Enchanted by The Voice of Child,

live vicariously,

sharing the voice of your inner child

begin living a life renewed.


When you believe you can serve no more,

Sacrifice by contributing quality to a child’s life,

Share your blessings with an open heart,

Receiving, while lending your wisdom.


It’s the gift of life,

The Voice of The Child,

we all share!


@Wendy l. Zake

Tehachapi, Ca

July 28, 2008

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