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Enduring the Path to Awakening

By Barbara L. Nelson

Spiritual awakening for most of us doesn’t happen overnight. It is a process and not an easy one or so I have come to find out. Unfortunately, angels don’t suddenly appear and lead you to some promised land the moment you decide to walk a spiritual path. It could take months or years before a new way of life opens for you, and so it was for me. The reason for the long arduous journey to find our truth is that we can’t be transported directly to Nirvana without dumping everything that prevents us from being there in the first place. The decision is merely the first step that leads to many more steps in the enlightenment process.

In order for change to take place, Spirit shows us what we are currently attracting and why. It’s a journey of sorts much like the nighttime travels that Ebenezer Scrooge took in the Charles Dickens tale “A Christmas Carol.” In order to find another way, we first have to determine where we came from, where we are now and where we are headed, if we don’t change our ways.

In energetic terms, if everything is energy, and everything omits an energy frequency or vibration, then we have to change our vibration to attract a different experience. If not, we will keep attracting the same things over and over and over. So we first have to figure out what frequency we are omitting in order to change it.

Frequency levels are bound by years of conditioning that have led us to hold onto deeply ingrained limiting beliefs about how the world operates or how it should operate. Those beliefs are the control system through which all our choices are based upon and will determine our frequency level. In order for a more spiritually-aligned life to manifest, we have to make different choices. In other words, change the inner world (your vibration) and your outer world will change, and then those things aligned with your new vibration will be drawn to you.

In 2009, I turned my back on a great job in Manhattan at a prominent public relations firm, to find my truth, my calling, or God’s plan for life. However, for two years I have found more suffering than I have milk and honey. My frequency really needed some fine tuning evidently. I truly thought at the time that since I gave up so much, the least God could do was to make things easy for me. Nope, anything worth having is never easy or everyone would be doing it. They aren’t. Only one percent of the world’s population is conscious or in the process of awakening. We are among the very few and if you are led to this site, you too are on the path.

This path requires a lot of trust that the Universe does know what it is doing, even when everything in your world is crumbling around you. Jobs will end, relationships will fail, and friends who you thought you knew will abandon you. The things that leave your life during this period are standing between you and the life you are seeking. They mirror back your belief system of your old life. They are holding your frequency in place, as they are at the same old frequency. Most of the people we are drawn to have similar beliefs systems and when we change ours, they no longer can relate to us.


You may find yourself alone, hurting, dealing with a major medical issue, and probably struggling with money issues as well. Some abandon the path at this point. Most don’t, however, because once you are on the path and in the midst of the enlightening process, you find it hard to go back to your old life. Your old life will feel empty and meaningless.

So you endure, you accept, you keep on the path until the shaking stops and the next phase begins.

Then there’s the silent period, the void, where nothing seems to be happening. Although outwardly nothing appears to be happening, deep spiritual changes are occurring.

The void isn’t any easier to endure. You may feel cut off from life, from friends and even God. You may become depressed and find that activities that once excited you now seem boring or meaningless. You may miss some aspects of your old life. You might be saying “At least I had stability. At least I knew what tomorrow would bring.” For me, dealing with not knowing was the hardest part.
But you can’t go back, nor can you move forward during this stage of the journey. For enlightenment requires silence, stillness and non-action in order for you to connect deeply to Spirit. With all the background noise in your former life you weren’t able to hear Spirit’s sweet whisper. Spirit doesn’t shout to be heard and it’s not going to compete with all the things in your life that distracts you. You have to be quiet long enough to hear it speak to you.

So you pray, you meditate and you may even break down and cry and rant and curse the heavens for having brought you here, here, where there is nothingness. But in this nothingness is fertile soil and in this moist mixture of a raw soul, creation can begin anew.

All along your vibration has been changing. You begin to attract signs and become aware of synchronistic events. Finally, after what feels like an eternity, a new beginning emerges from all the pain and suffering. But beware of false starts or pseudo beginnings. Many paths will beckon, some will only take you back the way you came, and the more you resist the changes occurring without listening to your inner voice, the longer you will stay in the void. Once you let go with trust and let the universe drive, you will know when a true beginning occurs, because you won’t have doubts as to its authenticity.

This new beginning is different for everyone, but it will most certainly be aligned with your deepest desires. Mine is to be a spiritual writer, which I am now doing.

I highly recommend a book that helped me through the process, “Finding Yourself in Transition: Using Life’s Changes for Spiritual Awakening”, by Robert Brument. You may also want to check out “The Dark Night of The Soul ” by St. John of the Cross, as well as Carolyn Myss’ “Teachings on Fundamentals of Spiritual Alchemy”.  Remember stay on the path and trust in the process for it will eventually lead you to a more spiritually-fulfilling life.

Peace and love to all. Namaste.


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