Angels translate that which is beyond our ordinary consciousness into a form that we are capable of understanding. They choose the method of communication that the individual they appear to will be most receptive to- whether this be via our ordinary five sense or via our more subtle senses of visions, dreams, intuition, feelings or simply the sense of suddenly knowing something with absolute conviction- something that a moment before we were not even aware of. Angels carry and amplify the spiritual force of creation so that we are able, with our human senses, to experience a heightened sense of love, grace, and divine presence.

Angels bring us only good news. Truly, they bring us only good. They remind us of the good we carry within us, the good that we truly are. It is their mission to strengthen our awareness of our innate good so that our good will grow ever stronger within us. As we grow stronger in our own good we become more and more able and willing to share it.

Angels help us to express and to share our most precious possessions: the gifts we carry within us.

Our highest qualities, abilities, talents, feelings and perceptions of love that we carry within us are the jewels of our soul and the seeds of our heart. They are our most blessed gifts and we carry them for the giving of them to both ourselves and others.

Angels assist us in developing and expressing our gifts and stay with us throughout our lives for encouragement, support, guidance, and protection. It is their role to assist us in expressing our inner soul essence – our goodness. Our guardian Angels are devoted to helping us to express our noblest qualities.

Jorge Indigocrystalcoach posted in Indigos and Crystals on Earth-newsletters by Jorge Montero.

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