Rejoice! – Kay Salady

Rejoice! by Kay Salady 

Life is a journey. Who I am today, is not who I will be tomorrow
as long as I choose to grow each day. When I contemplate growth,
I must realize that if I am not growing, I am not changing, and
if I am not changing, I am not moving. Therefore, I am stagnant.

People become lost in depression, illness, and situations they
are unhappy with due to this state of stagnancy. They become
lost within their despondency, finding acceptance of something
they ordinarily would never wish to accept should you ask them!
It’s amazing how most people find it much easier to accept
negative situations rather than accept positive ones.

Real growth begins when we learn to nurture ourselves. This
begins when we find acceptance with the fact that our birth-
right negates that each of us deserves peace, health, and
happiness. Let this be your daily mantra. I guarantee what
you ask for, with a thankful heart, will come your way. Yet,
there is one more stage to this process. You must visualize
your growth.

One day, I opened a fortune cookie that read, “People who win
see themselves as winners beforehand”. They visualize it! We
must set goals for ourselves and believe in them. We also need
to see the finish line. Think of your life as planting a garden.

If anyone of you has planted a garden, I am certain you haven’t
planted your tomatoes with the forethought of puny little
things that rotted on the vine. Oh, no! We imagine big, ripe,
juicy tomatoes that have a beautiful taste in our salads and
sauces. Yes, we do! We cultivate the soil, pulling the weeds,
watering, etc.

How much more should we cultivate our own aspirations? What
value do we place on the seeds we sow regarding our own future?

During my studies of cultures, I came to realize that everyone
I’ve spoken to has the same innate wish and that wish is to be
happy. Most of those people feel that happiness would be derived
by being needed and loved.

The key to manifesting this wish is to first love ourselves. We
must learn to enjoy our own company. Oh, there is certainly no
price tag on piece of mind! We must take the time to learn who
we are for ourselves and see our own true inner beauty. This can
be found only by spending time with ourselves. You will learn
that loneliness and being alone are truly two different experiences.

Set yourself free from depending on others to maintain your happiness.
Happiness is something that belongs to you and is created by you.
When two people come together, they create three tiers of happiness!
Each of them bring their own happiness and they create the happiness
they share. Each individual should never rob the other of their
own unique experience.

We can never bring anything to others if we are not bringing to
ourselves. We take away the joy of the giver if we cannot accept
their gift. If we are not whole, healers of ourselves, and receptive,
we cannot accept the glory the universe wishes to offer us.

Our purpose is to rejoice!

Peace and blessings,


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