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How DNA Activation & Repatternings/ Clearings Can Quicken Evolutionary Progress & Change Your Life

An Activation of your DNA and Subsequent DNA Clearings and Repatternings can quicken your evolutionary progress. The impact of the activation is typically felt over an extended period, although some people begin to feel its effects almost immediately. The following are among the benefits having been reported by recipients of the DNA work:

  1. Activation quickens subsequent DNA repatternings and clearings.
  2. Increased ability to access sacred knowledge and open to inner gifts of knowing, seeing and hearing.
  3. More awareness and expanded consciousness.
  4. Expanded ability to move into unconditional love.
  5. Body that feels and looks younger.
  6. More desire to ingest healthy foods and a focus of keeping the body a sacred vehicle.
  7. Increased self trust.
  8. Improved eyesight.
  9. Detoxification at physical and emotional levels.
  10. Increased energy level.
  11. Improved memory.
  12. Increased sense of vitality and zest for life
  13. Sharpened intuition.
  14. Increased hair growth.
  15. A slight cleansing (tiredness, headache, colds, emotional releasing) as long-buried issues rise to the surface for release.
  16. Increased inner peace and calmness.
  17. More connection to spirit and the spirit realms.
  18. Better understanding of one’s path in life.
  19. Clearing of limiting beliefs and patterns, some held for lifetimes.
  20. Shifting out of fear and doubt.
  21. Deep emotional releases and clearer insights about people and situations.
  22. Resolution of relationship difficulties.
  23. Increased ability to come from the heart, to love self and others.
  24. Detoxification at physical and emotional levels.
  25. More sense of control of one’s own healing process by taking an active part in the DNA work.
  26. Increased understanding of one’s history/past lives and the impact of this past history on the present.
  27. Ability to more easily let go of painful patterns.

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