Indigos/Crystals – How to Ask Your Angels for Help

How to Ask The Angels for Help: 

1. Just remove all doubt, close your eyes and lovingly ask them for help. It’s that easy.

2. Don’t question their existence and wonder if they hear you and if they care. Know that they hear you and know that they care.
3. Then, look for the changes they make in your life, and do not subscribe the resultant good things that happen as coincidence. Know that the blessings that follow are given to you through angelic intervention.
4. If problems that you asked for help with persist, know that the blessings you asked for are still forthcoming. The angels have an aerial perspective of your life. They know best how to help you, and sometimes they work in mysterious ways. Have patience.
5. Give thanks for whatever occurs. Know that whatever occurs is part of the blessing that will help you most.
6. As long as you continue to keep an attitude of love and faith, the changes that you asked for—the changes that you need most will take place. 

Using these simple methods of asking for and receiving angelic help in times of need will change your life for the better to such a degree that you will feel as if much of your whole life has transformed into one big blessing. This in itself will seem like a miracle and indeed, a miracle it will be.

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