Kay Salady’s Poetry

In the quiet hour of lonely, as night slowly passes through

Can you feel my love tonight as it reaches out to you

With sweet caress and tender touch to cure your pain

I’m lingering on the edge of tear as I fight to stop the rain

I’m standing in the storm as a cloudburst breaks above

Tears pour down and thunder sounds my never ending love

The earth quakes beneath my feet as I’m calling out to you

The world is coming to an end and I don’t know what to do

The moon has fallen from the sky and stars are burning out

You don’t hear my painful cries nor hear me scream and shout

The seas have lost their waters and the rivers have all dried

Baby, I have lost you, made no difference how much I tried

The sun will never shine again and birds will never sing

Nothing will ever matter, not a solitary thing

I’ll lay down my weary head and kiss the Mother Earth

I’ll say farewell and go to hell and curse her for my birth

I’ll not see you in Heaven because you never did love me

No, it doesn’t really matter; so what’s the point, you see

I wish you well my darling; yes, I loved you, oh, so much

And as I die, with eyes that cry, I hunger for your touch

©Kay Salady


Photo – Google Images, Nordic stars, Crying In The Rain, Dj Brucey 2011

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