Finding Your Star……. Guided Meditation….

Posted by  Amber M. Treasure ~ Intuitive Fractal Artist

While in a meditation of sorts, really a discussion with Spirit, I was given the following meditation. If you choose to try it, please respect Spirit by following step by step. It isn’t a typical meditation for me as it has some precise positions for your human to use. And heeeeere we go……

Sit or stand comfortably with feet planted firmly on the ground. Place your hands loosely on your lap. Roll your neck to loosen up a bit.

You close your eyes. There is nothing. No light, no sound, no smell, no taste. Just perfect nothingness. It is okay if at this point you see the faces or eyes of your guides. This is normal as they are just letting you know you are fine. You hear nothing.

You continue to search through your view for some sort of light. You notice far off in the distance and no particular direction that I can give, that is up to you, there is a very small pinprick of light. It may have a color but that is up to you. You are drawn to it as if you were metal and it is a magnet.

You feel yourself get larger. Taller. Expanding and growing. You look down at yourself to notice you are bright white. You look like a beautiful human form of a beaming light bulb.

You continue to get larger. You look up at that pinprick of light to see that it is getting larger also. You grow and grow and beam and beam until you are so large that you can reach out and grab the basketball sized light which was once a pinprick.

You reach and what you clearly see is a cord from your heart to the light. You reach out and wrap both hands around this light. The light does not move so you bring yourself closer. Like a magnet the light draws you to it. It connects completely with your heart. You feel a safety, a clarity, a knowing that you are home.

You start to see images. Colors, swirls of colors, beings. You hear words, sounds, tones. You smell flowers, incense, love.

You ask to show more. You hear a name. A name of a star. You hear the name. Maybe just the tone of the first letter. You see the space. You see the ground beneath your feet. You are no longer a giant being of light. You look at your skin. You have taken form. You look around. There are others with you.

You ask to be shown more. You see the lifetime as a flash. A flash but a flash that lasts for days when you pull it apart.

You hear voices, see interactions, see beings, smell and taste. You realize that you are looking directly into your home star. You stay in that space for as long as needed, wanted, desired.

You feel yourself grow a bit smaller. You feel as though the light is dimming. Smaller and smaller until you resume the space in which you began.

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