Past Lives

Past Lives

We often get past lives flashes throughout our life. They sometimes come to our attention within dreams. They can be felt through attraction towards certain countries or particular places we are drawn to. These memories are hidden in each of us. We can feel some in emotions; per example, dislike of things for it seems no reasons, uncontrollable fears, recurring dreams or nightmares even. These memories of past lives are emerging and urging us to remember and free ourselves of them.

When we pay attention to them, you can truly see and get a feeling of them. Allowing ourselves to recognize and acknowledge flashes of past lives can be a fun, rewarding and a very liberating experience.

Just ask yourself a few questions. Are there countries and places you are drawn to without any reasons ? Do you have special talents ? Do you do some things naturally without having learned how to do them ? Do you have fears or aversions you can not explain with your logic ?
Who do you think or feel you were ? Where did you live ? In what time period or years were you living ? What did you do for a living ? Were you a woman or a man ?

Rebuild your forgotten past, one piece at the time, like a jigsaw puzzle, but mostly, have fun doing it !

Jean-Guy Martin

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