Dreams ~ The Nightingale

The Nightingale

Last night the harmonious notes of a nightingale,
stirred me from a profound sleep, or was I dreaming.

Its melody tender, hearing its soft message,
I awakened to feel my heart beat,
foretelling of a pleasing being,
The birdsong was crying out love to me.

The melodious song in the night,
carried down from eternity,
waiting to find someone to understand,
the message and the messenger.

The song claims to its rose of perfection and beauty,
the image of the beloved,
The prince in the dark,
sounds of delighting, sounds of nature,
responding to humanity.

A conscious willingness of devotion,
a woman and a man in union,
of I am, a blessing of strength,
to not give up your muse.

The sweet singing nightingale,
speaking the love of a poet.

Together, the rose and nightingale are the beloved and lover
in exquisite perfection.
A rose beautiful, proud, and sometimes cruel
after all roses do have thorns.

While the nightingale chants endlessly
of his yearning and dedication.
the poet-nightingale sang of praises of the rose;
in a mystical poetry.

A nightingale’s yearning for the rose
the soul’s longing for union with the scared flame.

The soft petals of the rose lay on the pillow
lingering scents of jasmine in my hair,
a message of earthly delights in the divine.

Feathers float silently in the air,
caressing my peaceful consistency,
seeking a permanence,
Simultaneously within.

The nightingales prayer from the thee,
outside my window,
like thunder and lightening
they have forever been together.

Corresponding constellations in the sky,
observing connections with the Universe,
Standing at the mirror,
A reflection of each others soul.

The harmonious notes of a nightingale
stirred me from a profound sleep, or was I dreaming.

My prince poet hailed in the dark of the night,
a pure heart intention
I perceived intuitively
of, The Love, I Am

@Wendy L. Zake
August 3, 2008
Tehachapi, Ca

All Right Reserved 2008-2016

Wendy L. Zake

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  1. Robert Neal says:

    Wow Wendy…you have a unique and profound writing style and you own it…it’s yours and I am glad that you have allowed me the pleasure of reading your work!!! I am honored!!!

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