Dreams ~ The Promise

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The Promise


I saw you once, but only in a dream,

I was on a journey through the vault of heaven,

my spirit was guiding me, or so it seemed.


It was long ago in a magical kingdom,

in a time all but  forgotten, visibly rare,

remembered now, only by those with creative imagination;

My eyes once closed, could now see.


 I was the Fair One, known as Gwendolyn; 

Born of a rare pearl, hued with a fiery light, in the tropical seas,

adorned with a crowning mane of gold, crimson, titan and rose

hair, falling in tendrils of curls past my waist.


 Jade eyes that sparkled with flecks of gold,

deep pools that reflected your soul,

telling in a glance, who you were and where you came from,

 but only if you looked deep in her eyes,

and only if you dared.


Centuries past, it was a time before man,

witches and sorcerers ruled the land,

casting the spell that changed apes into man.


The secret of lies,

into the cave of darkness,

of brothers and sisters,

 a love denied.


You were a solitary king, exiled from your Kingdom,

it was where I found you,

The now lost continent, known as Lemuria,

The Land of Mu.


The water lapped at your feet,

your body resting in the sand.

Your name was Myrddin;

A powerful conjurer and visionary.


You spotted me one day while hiding in the rocks,

I was watching you,

you were watching me,

Days past,

then our eyes met.


I held out my hand,

you touched my fingers,

in that moment we both knew.


Spinning around and around the sparks were flying. 

In that moment we shared a life;

sparked a flame of passion and a love for each other,.

That would last an eternity


We made a promise

 Reaching out to take a chance

from a moment in just one glance.

An angles arrow, a gilded obeisance;


Last night I was stirred from a profound sleep,

or was I dreaming, again.

The scent of rose, lingered in the air.

I knew you had been there,

watching me while I slept.


I felt your kiss,

a tear,

as it fell,

onto my cheek.


My thoughts had pulled you,

once again to me,

I was the rose and the thorn,

we both lived to bear.


We made the promise,

A conscious willingness of devotion,

a man and a woman in union,

a blessing of strength,

to not give up your muse.


Once again in my sleep,

my lonely heart waits,

For my prince in the dark,


You the sweet singing nightingale,

speaking the love of a poet.

A nightingale’s yearning for the rose;

the soul’s longing for union with the scared flame.


The soft petals of the rose lay on the pillow;

lingering scents of jasmine in my hair,

a message of earthly delights in the divine.


In the night, the ambrosia

 of the Aurora Borealis;

radiant light and the approach,

of a blessed day.


So that our hands will join in flesh,

in order to feast our eyes,

without illusion of ghosts,

to become cosmic twins.


The spells cast from centuries past,

released in the Full Moon Eclipse,

bringing the cup to our lips

awakening, as the dark night lapses.


From the depth of the winter;

dreams with a message,

the smell of roses,

and the invincible sun.


Textures and shadows of the past,

a summons, to lose one’s veil;

to wake up to the scent of roses,

success through a sacrifice.


Intense emotional connections,

in a matrix of golden threads of light;

feelings and thoughts embrace,

in an ecstatic place of bliss.


The promise was made,

honored, obeyed;

Our test of faith,

a temptation of desires.


 To walk the ring of fire,

an undying fate;

Drink from the cup,

shrouded in mystery while I sleep.


There is no answer to the riddle we seek.

The promise of the rose and the flame,

to live forever in breathless love.


@Wendy L Zake

January 26th, 2010

Sutton Alaska


All rights reserved 2010 – 2011

Wendy L Zake

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