Jeff Williams ~ Rainbow Mountain

Posted By Jeff Williams

“RAINBOW MOUNTAINOh you turning windmills
Tilting at Rainbow Mountain
Oh Tapuae-u-Uenuku
They suck life’s breath
From Tawhiri-Matea
Vile buried are they –
In sacred Earth Papatuanuku.
Earth of the Mother
Hallowed ground, you steal from.

Call upon the husband of seas, lakes and rivers
And his wife Mother Earth
And Sky Father Ranginui
To slow their motion
Rigid mandala formality:
Ruling static self-interest.
Shake them Ruaumoko
From their foundations
Take them Tu Ma Tauenga,
Home to your bosom.

Genesis of nothingness;
Exodus certain;
Revelations enslaved.
Akasa, akasa, akasa
To parallel worlds,
Of mystic powers.

Sound, ether, touch, air, form
fire, taste, water, odor, earth…

Windmills stop turning
Absorption, silence…
Rainbow Mountain
Heart of loving Alone.
Abode of Lord Brahma.”

– inanga (Jeff)

“The yogi who completely absorbs his mind in Me, and who then makes use of the wind that follows the mind to absorb the material body of Me, obtains through the potency of meditation on Me the mystic perfection by which his [or her] body immediately follows his [or her] mind wherever it goes.”
– Lord Krsna, Bhagavatam, Verse 11; 15:21

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