Jeff Williams ~ The Very Best of Mozart

Posted by Jeff Williams

“Tears I shed today,
For love, hatred and fears
Over a few beers
Before the tears, flew away
I had the right to cry –
Before I began to die…Give me Wolfgang Amadeus
I need a kick-start
I want Mozart.
Do you have any, to play us?

Yesterday I planted a garden
With gentians and violets
Christ and his Pontius Pilate
A Gethsemane garden…
The disciples began to cry
At the images
… of Christ in the sky.

Give me Wolfgang Amadeus
I want a kick-start
I want Mozart
Have you any to play us?

I want the best of Mozart
The sad, joyful and glad
The good, the brilliance, the bad
It’s time for you to play your part
I want the best of Mozart.

I need Mozart
I need a kick-start
Give me Mozart
Give me Mozart.”
– Jeff Williams

pic: detail from “Angels at my Table” (JW), acrylic on wood

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