The Positive Attributes of Celtic Sea Salt

By Elizabeth McLean @ Health Wiz

The Positive Attributes of Celtic Sea Salt

Celtic sea salt is fast becoming a highly sought after commodity world-wide. Produced in France and exported to the rest of the world, this form of salt is harvested by hand along the coastal areas of France and dried in the sun. It undergoes no refining processes unlike table salt, and therefore retains its high natural mineral content, and is commonly light greyish in colour.While Celtic sea salt is high in minerals, it is still sodium, and high salt diets have been linked with elevated blood pressure, osteoporosis and stroke. Ideally, aim to reduce your intake of added salt and packaged, processed or canned foods which are usually high in sodium and increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains (which contain the minerals your require anyway!)

I still like to have some good quality sea-salt around the home to use occasionally in cooking and for home remedies. It makes a great gargle with a little warm water to kill bacteria in the case of a sore throat. Salt has also been used historically to remove negative energies, so a salt bath is a wonderful way to cleanse your body at the end of a hectic day.

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