All the Tiny Bubbles ~ Kay Salady


Heaven came down to thrill me like the memory of a song

That I recall while dancing on the beams of Milky Way

You in your tuxedo and me in my French gown

Tripped the light fantastic as the stars lit up our way

Whispering the magic that would cause my heart to smile

So long it went without it as I thirstily drank in

All the tiny bubbles that poured from your sweet lips

All the while I wondered all my life where you had been

Your hand in mine felt sacred as you twirled me about

Chiffon and lace and just a trace of perfume filled the air

As pianos played our bodies swayed in rhythm to and fro

As eye-to-eye so mesmerized you were so debonair

Breathlessly I reached for you to brush against your cheek

Inhaling the cologne your wore and longing to be near

You drew me in so close to you I felt that I would melt

Into your chest and your heartbeat was all that I could hear

Suddenly the moon and stars grew pale compared to you

The earth stood still as wishes shot like flames across the sky

And as I yearned for minutes to turn hours into days

The sands ran through the hourglass right before my eyes

Just one more dance beneath the moon as trees lent shadow there

Where silver beams of starlight kissed the earth and so did we

Another tune as saxophones set stage for us to swoon

Yet you let go you did not know how deeply you’d touched me

Yes all the tiny bubbles that had poured from your sweet lips

As I recall our dance along the beams of Milky Way

Have sentimental meaning that I could not resist

That thrills me like the memory of a song until this day

© Kay Salady

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