~ Hidden ~ A Poem of Unrequited Love


Hidden beneath veils of a smoky deep blue mist,
Lay the woman in the painting,
The painters’ quest, in plain view.

A tiny pot of opium, lay at her feet,
Spreading the smoky deep blue mist,
Filling the nostrils of a naked reclining woman,
Dozing quietly, as if at rest.

Each brush stroke the painter made,
While casting his glance,
Lay laden maiden, revealing her breasts,
Soft inviting, in plain view.

A sweat to his brow,
Aware in each glance,
Strokes upon canvas,
Hidden from view.

Behind veils of a smoky deep blue mist,
Long sweeping arms of her body,
The painter spread his color,
Of the vision that lay before him, in full view.

She laughed a quiet smile as her lips parted,
Hands stretched to the tops of her thighs
As her leg lifted and spread slightly open,
The painter’s eyes darted swiftly,
at the woman in plain view.

While the painter continued with color and brush,
Long last a stretch and a sigh,
From a pose so still,
The painter knelled,
Close to her side.

The woman he loved,
Hidden in his oils, canvas and brush,
He painted the woman in his dreams,
Of her rosy filled body.

Hidden beneath veils of smoky deep blue mist,
As she lay before him,
in plain view.

@Wendy L. Zake
Juneau, AK
Nov. 15th 2008


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