Letter from Mother Earth ~ Jean Guy Martin

Deep within my core I am suffering
For deep inside I am changing
My time for shifting will soon be coming
No need for sadness or weeping

Just look around and you’ll see
You are surrounded by beauties
Wondrous dolphins swimming free
In my magical life filled seas

Look at the sun up in the sky
Always been there, right from the start
Never a sound, just like a sigh
Feel his love burning in your heart

I feed all the birds and animals
And still bring life to plants and trees
Assisted by legions of elementals
Enlivened by loving playful fairies

Breath the fresh air, free and easy
Feel my life flowing through your body
Be like the eagle, fly high and soar
Just like you have never done before

Do not see only shadows on the ground
But look at the light surrounding them
For you my Love is so profound
You are my child, my heart, my gem

Jean-Guy Martin

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