~ Peace ~

Written by Elizabeth McLean @ Health Wiz

Peace is often referred to as a state of harmony which is characterised by lack of conflict. Today I discovered just how much inner conflict I was carrying with me – this became clear when I reacted to a situation with anger and judgement. Tonight I have been reflecting on the dual nature of humanity – shadow and light, sadness and joy, anger and peace. Just as we cannot have day without night, we cannot have peace, love and happiness without the darker elements of our human nature. Life is about personal growth and awareness… and tonight, the flame of awareness burns bright as I ponder what caused me to feel anger and what will bring me peace.As I write this, there are parts of the world that are severely lacking in a sense of peace, with civil war, destruction and chaos ensuing. But even in countries that are relatively more peaceful, there is still inner conflict preventing individuals from feeling a deep sense of inner peace. If we continue to perpetuate unrest, discontent and inner conflict as individuals, how will we ever create peace on a world wide scale? One cannot give from an empty cup.When was the last time you truly felt peace within? What is it that brings you peace of mind, peace of heart? World peace begins with each of us. It begins with you. ♥

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