~The Illusion of Time ~

Written by Elizabeth McLean @  Health Wiz

In this busy world we live in, we are faced with the challenge of time management – the sense of ‘too much to do and too little time’. If you are a working parent, if you work long hours or shift work, or are a student both working and studying, then I am sure you can relate to this!Do you ever wake first thing in the morning (or even during the night) and find yourself running over and over in your mind’s eye all of the things on your ‘to do’ list? Do you fall into bed at night exhausted by the day, yet with many tasks left undone? People regularly tell me that they are very ‘busy’. At times I hear myself saying it to others as the ‘busy bug’ seems to be contagious! But what is this busy phenomenon really all about? Can we break the mould and become un-busy? Can we surrender to the fact that we will never get it all done? Can we let go of trying to do everything right now and just go with the flow a little more?

When we stop and put life into perspective, it becomes clear that our ‘in-tray’ will never be empty… and that is a good thing! It means there will always be challenges and tasks to complete, but they need not rule our very existence. So with a full 24 hours in each day, how could we ever possibly be short of time? My new mantra / affirmation for today, as inspired by author Louise Hay is ‘there is always plenty of time in my day to do all of the things that I would like to do.’ So even if your in-tray is over flowing and the hours of the day seem to fly by, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses. 😉

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