~ Tips When Using The Internet for Health Care ~

Written by Elizabeth McLean @ Health Wiz

Everyday millions of people use the internet to investigate their healthcare needs, but the information they obtain is not always helpful and in some cases can even be harmful causing unwarranted anxiety or stress. When it comes to your health, getting the appropriate information is vital.

4 tips for ensuring you get the right diagnosis and treatment:

1) Seek advice from a health care professional. Visit your GP, naturopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor, or specialist doctor in person for an individualized approach and treatment plan.

2) Access peer-reviewed journal articles on-line. Appropriate journals include PubMed, Medline (now Proquest), The Cochrane Library or Science Direct to name a few. If you do not have access to these, Google Scholar also provides access to articles.

3) Purchase an ebook or hardcopy book written by an expert in the field.

4) When all else fails Wikipedia is a useful source of information as all entries to this online encyclopedia are compiled by experts from around the world and contain references from peer-reviewed journal articles.

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