Weekly Affirmation ~ April 22nd

~ Creating Identities ~


Namaste’ Beautiful Souls!

By The Balanced Soul

I am SO inspired lately, by an idea presented by Jim Carrey when he was on Inside the Actors Studio (I know, it’s a random reference…but this has REALLY stuck with me), when he was asked about how he creates his characters.  He said that he finds that we all have one Central Belief about our Selves that is Wrong.  It’s a belief like “I’m not good enough,”  or “I don’t deserve love”.  And he creates characters by asking what their Belief about them Selves is, because as we become our Selves, we are reacting to this Belief, and trying to negate it, absolve it, make it not-True anymore. We create lives out of wanting to prove our Selves wrong about this core belief.  “I don’t deserve Love, but I am in a relationship, see? I did it!,” that sort of thing…not consciously, of course, but you see what’s emerging here, right?

And so I started to examine what core mis-Belief(s) I hold about my Self.  I mean, Mr. Carrey seems like a darn-talented guy (have you seen Man on the Moon? or Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?  The Truman Show?  He’s brilliant!) so I think his opinion may have relevance in terms of how characters (identities) are formed.  Knowing that each area of my life is a “character” I play, especially roles of “Doctor”, “Partner”, “Yoga Teacher”, and “Artist”, I started delving into the motivating mis-belief that gives life to each of these roles.  It’s not as scary as I thought it might be.  I thought my world might come falling apart…but it didn’t.  As often happens with work like this, progress is made in quiet softenings, unfoldings of movement patterns, bursts of tears and cups of tea with journal entries.  

So I would like to offer you some basic ways to start to understand your mis-belief, if this is an avenue that intrigues you.  The reason I like it, is mainly because we can ALWAYS change a belief  that we hold, so it is never too late to start, and there is no such thing as “wrong way”.  This is comforting, because sometimes it feels like lots of things are “wrong”.  I like the idea  that it’s not “wrong”, it’s “dissonance”.  I seek harmony, and a rich voice.

First of all, I recommend reading Wayne Dyer‘s early books, like “Your Erroneous Zones”.  Read them over and over, until you really get it.  He was really prolific in this process, and understanding the reason the Law of Attraction is a reality.

While you’re reading, or thinking about reading, make a list of what you consider “Big Fears“.  Inadequacy? Not being accepted? Being unlovable? Being..too much for people to handle?  Being too little of one thing, too much of another?  Commitment? Death?  I don’t know your list…just start listing. It’s ok to fully acknowledge and give space on paper to as many Big Fears as you have.

Leave off things like snakes and bugs, and unlikely events like the water supply being poisoned by the loon living on the corner. We’re trying to get at underlying currents here, not the superficial stuff that we worry over consciously.  These are often things that our Ugly Mirrors are doing LOUDLY, so it makes us really uncomfortable.  Look at your mirrors, look at the people you draw to yourSelf.  Write write write, and maybe color, take a nap, cry, and write some more.

When it feels like you have it all on the paper, NOT in YOU any longer, walk away.  Take a break and let yourSelf Be.

This, by the way, is awesome to do when you’re detoxing…because it’s an emotional detox supported by the physical process.  You may release very old symptoms during this period of time.

A great tool for recognizing the lessons of your Ugly Mirrors is Byron Katie‘s Loving What Is.   Better yet: here is her website, and The Work is available FREE on it…so you can start DOING IT NOW.  Look at how she sets you up to examine your stuff, and realize you can completely let it go, loving it and releasing it: as many times as you need to, in whatever situations you find yourSelf.  This may be a tremendous turning point for you.

When you are ready to come back, start paring it down: underlying all of this is one central mis-Belief.  Oftentimes it is the belief that we are not worthy, that there is something inherently dissonant in us…when the Truth is that we are the stuff Stars are made of.  Complete, whole, perfect, loved…accepted, good enough, strong enough. Messy enough, Awake enough, Asleep enough…it’s all enough.  You are enough.

But you need to do whatever you need to do in order to see that.  Being told it from the outside is nice, it’s a  bit of a pep-talk; but essentially you must come to realization that you are a child of the universe, and you are serving a Purpose, and you a exactly where you are supposed to be.

Start affirming new core beliefsLouise Hay is amazing for help with this, but you can write your own.  Always in present tense, always focused on what you DO, or DO WANT.

Ultimately, this is the work we are all here trying to DO…trying to figure out what we Truly Are, and then where all the Mess of Human stems from.  So when we can see, with clear, bright vision, where we made a mistake (it’s nothing bigger than a mistake), we can begin to Take Responsibility for it, and heal it.  It gives us power back!  


Blessings, and may your Way be Powerful and Clear

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  1. Robin says:

    i am SO so excited and humbled that you used this!! deep gratitude and may your week be blessed with ease and sweetness 🙂

    • Wendy Zake says:

      You are Most Welcome…..We must have ESP….because this the second time, I was just thinking about the post and I see your comment. I posted it to my wall and also to my Facebook Page…….Have A Great Week!

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