~ Weekly Affirmation ~ April 8th

~ I Shall Create ~

“Looking around us, it is pretty clear that the creator itself did not know when to stop. There is not one pink flower, or even 50 pink flowers, but hundreds…” ~Julia Cameron, “The Artist’s Way, A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity”

The Universe is my Creator. I was created in the image of the Creator. Therefore I, too, am a creator. Creativity is God’s precious gift to me, and my precious creativity is a gift in return to God. Thus I will create. The Universe is continually creating. I will create ceaselessly, as the Creator creates!

I will silence my inner critic. My job is to create, not to criticize. I will not judge the worthiness of my creations. Each act of creation is in itself a valuable and true one. Each has its own purpose, its own place and speaks its own truth. Each is a creation of beauty, a reflection of the beauty of the Universe, and a contribution of beauty to the Universe.

Who am I to judge which creation is more beautiful than another? Who am I to judge what is more worthy of existing? Only the Universe is qualified to be the judge of the worthiness and value of its creations. As its creation, and as my creation is a product of the Universe, the Universe alone is the judge of my creations’ value and worthiness. All are worthy. I, too, am equally worthy.

As a creator, I am called to create. I am called to create beauty. I am called to create inspiration, motivation, support, encouragement, happiness, contentment, serenity, freedom and peace. My creations will not “compete” against one another. They are not meant to be judged, nor are they meant to challenge one another. They are simply called To Be. To be inspiring. To be motivating. To be supportive. To be encouraging. To be happy. To be content. To be serene. To be freeing. To be peaceful. These are the beautiful qualities of the Universe that I create and offer.

Every day I am called to create anew. The opportunities to create anew are endless. The Universe continually creates anew beautifully and ceaselessly. It never tires. It is never discouraged. It never procrastinates. It never loses confidence. It never falters. It never creates imperfectly. In creating flowers, the Universe never favors one variety or one color over another. All of the Universe’s varieties and colors are equally worthy. Each has its purpose, its place and its truth. It is we humans who place such a value judgment on the Universe’s creations. Is a pink flower more worthy than a red flower? Is a lily more valuable than a rose? Are a thousand flowers more beautiful than a single bloom?

Every day is a new day in creation for the greater good and greater beauty of the Universe. Flowers were created before I was, and they will be created long after I no longer exist to create. Flowers are infinite. Creation is infinite. Each of us is an infinite creator. So aspire to create infinitely. I shall consider what I am called to create today, and I shall answer that calling to create. ~

~By Karen Burch, @ WayPoints by Karen Burch

Art: “I Shall Create” by Julia Still, Journeyart

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