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Mind has two centers; one, of right knowledge. If that center functions it starts functioning through concentration, meditation, contemplation, prayer – then whatsoever you know is true. There is a wrong center: it functions if you are sleepy, live in a hypnotic-like state, intoxicated with something or other-sex, music, drugs or anything.

You can be addicted with food; then it becomes an intoxicant. You may be eating too much. You are mad, obsessed, with food. Then food becomes alcohol.

Anything that takes possession of  your mind, anything without which you cannot live, it becomes intoxicating.

So if you live through intoxicants then your center of wrong knowledge functions, and whatsoever you know is false, untrue. You live in a world of lies.

But these both centers belong to the mind. When mind drops and meditation has come to its totality…

In Sanskrit we have two terms: one term is dhyana; dhyana means meditation; another term is samadhi: samadhi means perfect meditation where even meditation has become unnecessary, where even to do meditation is meaningless. You cannot do it, you have become it – then it is samadhi.

In this state of samadhi there is no mind. And there is neither knowledge nor ignorance, there is only pure being. This pure being is a totally different dimension. It is not a dimension of knowing, it is a dimension of being.

~ Osho ~

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