~ The Benefits of Olives ~

Written by Elizabeth McLean @ Health Wiz




From the Oleaceae family, the olive otherwise known as Olea europa has both nutritional and medicinal benefits!

The fruit of the olive tree contains omega-6 essential fatty acids – these are required for adequate brain function and normal growth and development.

Olives also contain polyphenols, natural chemical compounds with antioxidant (free-radical scavenging) properties. Polyphenols have been used in clinical trials to successfully treat cardiovascular disease.

Flavonoids are another group of chemicals found in the leaf of the olive plant and these also have antioxidant properties, reducing free radical oxidative damage within the heart and circulatory system.

The olive is native to the Mediterranean and is found in many traditional Greek and Italian dishes. Either in oil or whole form olives are a delicious addition to salads, meat and vegetarian dishes sauces and platters!

Remember, always seek advice from your health care professional and medical doctor regarding appropriate management of your cardiovascular health.

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