To Be Meditative ~

Posted by Deepak Jain

To be a lizard on a rock sunning is to be meditative. Drop the past, drop the future. What does it mean? It means drop thinking because all thoughts either belong to the past or to the future. There is no thought here-now. Thinking has no present tense about it — either it is dead or unborn. It is always unreal — either part of memory or part of imagination. It is never real. The real is never a thought: the real is an experience. The real is an existential experience.

You can dance in the real, you can sun yourself in the real, you can sing in the real, you can love in the real: but you cannot think it — because thinking is always about it, and in that “about” is hidden the whole misery. In that “about” you go on moving — about and about — and you never come to the point that was always and always available.
~ Osho ~

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