What is Loneliness ~

Loneliness is a misery; being alone is ecstatic. When you are so happy with yourself, when you are in love with yourself, when your own aloneness fills you tremendously like a presence, then… then it is aloneness.

When you are empty, blank, dark, and you are missing the other and you want somehow to stuff yourself with something…. When people are left alone, they will go to the fridge and start eating something, or they will put on the tv or the radio, or they will start reading the same newspaper that they have read three times since the morning – again they will start looking at it.

Or they will start thinking where to go – to go to see a movie, a concert, or just go shopping; but DO something.

Loneliness is intolerable – it is a suffering, it is a hell. Aloneness is a beauty. It is such a pristine moment of tremendous happiness that nothing is comparable to it. In this whole life, there is nothing comparable to the beauty and blessedness of aloneness.

When you are alone you are a god. When you are lonely you are just nothing, just empty, hollow, a black hole.


~ Osho ~

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